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Welcome to Ripa Sanatorium

The Ripa rest house features beautiful and comfortable rooms located in a beautiful forest area as well as serves a good diversity of tasty foods.

It is situated 52 kilometers from Yerevan at picturesque gorge of Marmarik river around 1800 meters high above sea level. The resort is surrounded by impressive forests and mountains. The rest house overlooks an 11 century old Kecharis monastery which is so close that residents can hear the sounds of church songs.

Ripa is not only a rest house but also a sanatorium. It is well equipped with laboratories and medical equipment such as inhalation cabinets, wax therapy, massage and medical exercise rooms.

Here you can also organize gatherings and events at the conference room of the rest house.

Ripa is a wonderful choice for mountain skiing and winter sports lovers.

Our rooms

The Ripa rest house has one 4-storey building with 60 rooms, two cottages, and recreation area comprising bar/restaurant, conference hall for 150 people, table tennis, billiards and other entertainment on the ground floor.

All rooms are equipped with high quality furniture, TV/sattelite, rerigerator and other equipment.

View rooms, entertainment facilities, cottages and other photos of the Ripa rest house.

Tsakhkadzor Sightseeing

The monastery complex of Kecharis is situated in Tzakhkadzor (Kotayk district). A healthy climate and picturesque scenery - forested mountain slopes and blossoming valleys - provided favorable conditions for building there a settlement in which remnants of ancient structures have survived. In the 11th century the settlement was a possession of the Princes Pakhlavuni who founded a monastery there, the construction of which continued till the middle of the 13th century. In the 12th-13th centuries Kecharis was a major religious center of Armenia which had a higher school.

The main group of the complex consists of three churches, two chapels and a vestibule, to the west of which, quite a distance away, there was another church with its own vestibule at the side of a road leading to the forest.